Energy’s Stones Switzerland

We offer jewellery (rings, bracelets and pendants) to optimise natural energy so that you can profit from their beneficial effects based on your needs.
All our jewellery may be ordered online with secured payment.

Optimize this energy

Energy is neither good nor bad. It just exists. Optimize this energy to increase your capital in health. The vibratory frequencies of ENERGY’S STONES pendants improve health, fight pain and help achieve well-being and vitality.

It strengthens the body’s bioelectrical field, contributes to restoring weakened energy in the organism and is suited to everyone with difficulties like insomnia, depression, anxiety, migraines, anaemia, loss of libido, or simple recurrent fatigue due to the continuous exposure of the body to electromagnetic fields of varying frequencies like microwaves, LEDs, television and computer screens, relay antennae or even just the cell phones we all own.

As a magnetizer may relieve you, our pendants and bracelets flood you with their beneficial effects all day long.

Energy is life

The recent discovery by an American professor J. KIRSVINK, according to which the brain contains magnetic particles also called MAGNETITE (W. K. RITTER) has made it possible to confirm what the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians and Greeks in Antiquity already knew: that the earth’s magnetic field exercises great influence on human beings.

It is therefore possible to re-establish metabolic balance by slightly modifying our own magnetic field. In his experiments in Colorado Springs, Nicola Tesla contributed to revealing the existence of the infinitesimal world of electromagnetism during his lifetime.

Haven’t you ever found yourself gifted with an astonishing “magnetism”? From a Mr Nobody, with the help of magnetizers, not to mention geo-biologists, ENERGY’S STONES pendants and bracelets will surprise you, “tweaking” your own rules!